Taxpayer Info

Under the authority of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the governing body of Boggs Township imposes the following taxes:

  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Earned Income Tax
  • Local Services Tax
  • Real Estate Transfer Tax
  • Per Capita Tax

Contacts for Tax Information »
Addresses and phone/fax numbers for the various offices appointed by Boggs Township to collect and administer the various taxes imposed on those who live and/or work in Boggs Township.

Information for Taxpayers (Residents & Non-residents) »
Learn more about the various types of taxes imposed in Boggs Township including the current tax rates.

Information for Employers »
Information regarding the Earned Income tax and the Local Services Tax.

Requests for Real Estate Tax Certifications »
Find out how to request and pay for certifications of township real estate tax payments for properties located in Boggs Township.

Contact Information
If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our office at 814-355-3301.