Information for Taxpayers (Residents and Non-Residents)

The following information is for general information purposes only and is subject to any and all applicable Local, State, and Federal laws, rules and regulations.

Real Estate Taxes

2022 Current Rates
As of 01/01/2022

Boggs Township: (6.22%)2.84 mills for use by Boggs Township
1.66 mills for Fire Protection
Centre County Government: (10.85%)7.84 mills for General and Debt Service
Bald Eagle Area School District: (82.93%)59.98 mills

Where do your Real Estate Taxes Go? Based on the current Real Estate millage listed above, for a family living in a home valued at $100,000.00 assessed valuation ($200,000.00 fair market value). The real estate taxes of 72.32 (2.84+1.66+7.84+59.98) mills multiplied by the assessed valuation of $100,000.00 equals $7232.00 per year in total taxes.

$7232.00Total Taxes
$5998.00to Bald Eagle Area School District
$784.00to Centre County Government
$166.00for fire protection
$284.00to Boggs Township

The Centre County Assessment office is responsible for assessing each individual parcel of land and improvements and for placing it on the tax rolls. The assessment office in turn sends to each tax collector a copy of the tax roll, better known as a tax duplicate, who utilizes the duplicate to send out to each taxpayer on the roll a tax bill.

Any individual, organization, business or other real property owner located within the boundaries of Boggs Township receives a tax bill based for each property and from each of the following taxing jurisdictions: Boggs Township and Centre County Government’s tax bill arrives in mid-March and Bald Eagle Area School District’s tax bill arrives in mid-July. Property owners completing construction during the tax year (mid-year construction completion) most often receive a supplemental tax bill in addition to their annual billing.

Tax bills are mailed to the last known address of the property owner. It is the responsibility of the property owner to notify both the Centre County Assessment Office and the Boggs Township Tax Collector of any name and/pr address changes. Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve the taxpayer of responsibility for timely payment.

Homestead/Farmstead Property owners should consider filing an application with the Centre County Assessment Office.  Taxpayers who have filed an application and have had their property  certified by the County as a homestead and/or farmstead are offered the opportunity to pay their school real estate tax bill in installments.

Earned Income

On or before April 15 of each year, individuals subject to this tax are required to file an annual return (including a copy of their W-2 or 1099 form, etc) reporting earned income (i.e. salaries, wages, etc.) and net profits (i.e. net income from operation of a business, profession, etc.) for the preceding calendar year.

The tax rate for Boggs Township residents is 2.55%. This reflects a joint levy of .5% by Boggs Township and 2.05% by the Bald Eagle Area School District. The nonresident tax rate is 2.55%.

If you are an employee, your employer is not likely required to withhold this tax each pay period. The withheld tax is sent to the Centre Tax Agency by your employer. If your employer is not withholding the tax and you wish to do so, ask them to give the Centre Tax Agency a call.

Local Services Tax

The tax rate has been levied at a maximum rate of $52.00 per annum. This tax is imposed on any individual with earnings for services rendered of any kind within the boundaries of Boggs Township. The tax applies whether you are an employee or self employed.

Employers located both within Boggs Township and outside the Township have specific responsibilities for withholding and remitting this tax for all individuals in their employ who work within the Township.

This tax is remitted to the Centre Tax Agency Office when earnings exceed $12,000 per annum. The School District shares $5.00 of this tax. Contact the Centre Tax Agency Office for additional information on this tax.

Real Estate Transfer Tax

A real estate transfer tax applies to the privilege of transferring title to real estate lying within Boggs Township.  The tax is computed as one-half of one percent of the value of the real estate transferred.

Any questions you have should be directed to the Centre County Recorder of Deeds Office at 814-355-6801.

Per Capita Tax

This tax is a flat rate tax levied upon each individual over the age of 18 residing within the Boggs Township taxing district.  This tax has no connection with employment, income, voting rights or any other factor except residence within the community.  This is a $5.00 per individual tax and is collected by the Boggs Township Tax Collector.