Boggs Township Zoning Hearing Board is a three member board appointed by the Boggs Township Supervisors to hear variance cases and cases of appeals of the zoning ordinance.  This board is independent of the Board of Supervisors and makes decisions based on criteria set forth by the Municipalities Planning Code and the Boggs Township Zoning Ordinance.  This board does not meet on a regularly scheduled basis, but meets only when an application has been submitted to the zoning officer for variance or appeal.  All Zoning Hearing Board meetings are held in the Boggs Township Municipal Building, 1270 Runville Road, Bellefonte, PA. Statewide Building Code Boggs Township adopted the statewide building on July 8, 2004.  Boggs Township contracts with Williams Inspection Agency as its Third Party Agency to enforce the statewide building code.  For more information on what structures, renovations and remodeling requires building code certification, please contact Williams Inspection Agency at 814-342-0281. Zoning Officer Contact Information If you have questions or need assistance, please contact: Jeffrey Williams Williams Inspection Agency 1545 Troy-Hawk Run Highway, Suite 2 Philipsburg, PA 16866 Telephone/Fax: 814-342-0281

Zoning Information

Under authority of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the governing body of Boggs Township adopted Zoning in September 7, 1971.  It has since been amended and updated with the most recent update being effective December 19, 2004. Zoning Map (Effective July 1, 2001) (PDF) After two years of planning and preparation, the Boggs Township Planning Commission developed the Official Zoning Map for Boggs Township. The map includes the following zoning districts: Forest Preservation, Rural Heritage, Residential, Village Community and Commercial Manufacturing. The map is subject to change at any time by action of the Board of Supervisors acting upon the request of a property owner. Anyone wishing to identify a specific zone for a parcel or parcels of land should contact the Zoning Officer, directly, at 814-342-0281 to obtain the proper zoning district location. Schedule of Uses (PDF) View the schedule of uses listing to determine what uses are permitted in each zoning district and what may require either variance or conditional use hearings.


Commonly requested forms from the zoning department:

Complaint Form (PDF)

911 Address Form (PDF)

Application Zoning Permit Rev. 2016

Application Building Permit Rev.2

Zoning.Ordinance.Effective 2004

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Annual Landlord Report Form

Application – Driveway Permit 3-31-2021