Public Utilities and Services

Who do I contact about On-Lot Sewage/Septic Systems?
Jeff Kreger, SEO, is the appointed Sewage Enforcement Officer for Boggs Township. He can be reached at 113 Kreger Lane, Loganton, PA 17747 or by calling 570-725-2158 or by e-mail at oldfriendsfarm@hotmail.com.

Who do I contact about the Public Sewage System?
Mid-Centre County Authority is the appointed public sewage system for Boggs Township. Its membership is comprised of Boggs and Union Townships and the Boroughs of Unionville and Milesburg. You may contact them at 814-355-8435 or access their webpage at www.mid-centre.com.

Who do I contact about Garbage collection?
Garbage collection is up to the individual property owner. Boggs Township does mandate refuse collection, but does not mandate which hauler you are required to contract with.

Is there a riff-raff day or Spring Clean up Day in Boggs Township?
Boggs Township does not have a riff-raff day.

Zoning and Nuisances

My neighbors dogs are barking, who do I call?
Contact the dog control officer at 814-932-1294.

My neighbor is burning garbage that is offensive, who should I call?
Contact the Centre County Solid Waste Enforcement Officer at 814-238-7005 to file a complaint. Do not contact the Boggs Township Zoning Officer.

My neighbors grass is high and/or there are rodents running around in my neighbors yard, who should I call?
Contact the Boggs Township Officer, Jeffrey Williams, at 814-342-0281 to file a complaint.

What about junk cars?
Contact the Boggs Township, Jeffrey Williams, at 814-342-0281 for clarification on this matter under the Boggs Township Zoning Ordinance. A complaint may or may not need to be filed.

General Information

How do I find out about recycling, trash collection and special hazardous materials events held by the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority?
Visit the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority on the web at www.centrecountyrecycles.org.

Where can I vote in Boggs Township, where are the polling places?
If you are assigned to the Boggs West Voting District, you will vote in the Boggs Township Community Building, 1290 Runville Road. If you are assigned to the Boggs East Voting District, you will vote in the ABC Building, 898 N. Eagle Valley Road (same side the road as McDonald’s, across from Travel Port). If you are unsure which voting district you have been assigned to, want to register to vote or have questions regarding the voter registration system in Centre County, contact the Centre County Voter Registration Office at 814-355-6703.

Who is the Township’s Emergency Management Coordinator?
Emergency Management Coordinator for Boggs Township is Terry L. Gates Jr. Terry can be reached at 814-280-0450.