Requests for Real Estate Tax Certifications

The Boggs Township Tax Collector collects municipal (Boggs Township), county (Centre County Government) and school district (Bald Eagle Area School District) real estate taxes for properties located within the boundaries of Boggs Township, Centre County.

If you require certification of municipal, county and school district real estate tax payments for properties located within Boggs Township, the charge is $20.00 for each tax certified.  A fee of $40.00 for each tax certification will be imposed for certifications to be expedited within 5 business days.

Requests for certification require that you provide your name and property/parcel tax number.  To process your request, you need provide a written request for the required certification showing the following information for each parcel:

  1. Name for person and/or company responsible for certification fees
  2. Present tax parcel owner
  3. Property Street Address
  4. Tax Parcel Number
  5. Tax Year(s) Requiring Certification
  6. Tax Type(s) (Municipal/County/School) requiring certification

Please be sure to include all the information listed above to avoid delays in processing your request.

Contact Sharon A. Yangula, Boggs Township Tax Collector for more information regarding tax certifications at 814-355-3256.