Boggs Township Zoning Ordinance Under Review

The Boggs Township Supervisors have hired a consultant to review the Boggs Township Zoning Ordinance for the purpose of updating the ordinance. The Board of Supervisors would like to receive written requests for revisions to the Boggs Township Zoning Ordinance.

Anyone wishing to submit a written request for revision to the Boggs Township Zoning Ordinace should:

1. Prepare their comments citing the specific section of zoning ordinance the would like to have revised

2. Provide specific reasons for the revisions in item #1 listed above

3. If the item is new to the zoning ordinance, provide a detailed explanation of the issue being proposed for inclusion into the Boggs Township Zoning Ordinance

4. Submit all written information to: Boggs Township Proposed Zoning Ordinance Changes

1270 Runville Road, Bellefonte, PA 16823